I fell off my 30-day challenge “mat” with a huge thud last week! It wasn’t an actual fall during practice, but instead back pain. It wasn’t related to my practice (my guess is it is related to my desk posture), but it quickly became the reason for my practice to go from great to zero…because I let it…

When I was told “no yoga” – I knew in my mind what I would tell any student. Focus on the meditation, pranayama and all of the other aspects (8 Limbs) of yoga. Poses are just a small part of yoga. I teach yoga for back pain and so I just needed to use what I share.

Practicing this though was a different story. I realized how reliant I am on my physical practice to slow down my mind, so I can sit in meditation.

It hasn’t been an easy week, but I don’t have pain now – thanks to my amazing partner, Shawn, doing so much in the house and garden and thanks to a chiropractor, (Dr. Lindsay Johnston), that I started working with.

Not doing was harder to practice than doing the challenge…so I have decided that as of today – when I fit in my few potential quote by Shannon Crowtherapeutic yoga poses, breathing and meditation – I am back on my challenge and at day 20.

I feel like I have a new understanding. Good old Svādhyāya (self-study). I am focusing on being gentle with myself, not beating myself up for days missed or not getting to some form of yoga for that week. Instead I am starting where I am in this moment.

I had been telling myself that the space between where I am now and where I want to be is potential. It feels like I understand that on a new level now.

Some days are not easy, YES even for a yoga teacher. I am forever the student and I won’t be getting 100% on every test, but I plan to enjoy my time and try my best.

Here’s to my potential!