I was so honoured when Lindsay (of DevaTree) asked me to share a Yoga Dance experience on weekend one of Expressive Arts Yoga Teacher Training. I used my “go to” Yoga Dance playlist and wanted to share it.

I am forever grateful for my Let Your Yoga Dance training with Megha. It was her that taught me how to look at what chakra a song might be. Below is the playlist and then below that is a list of the songs and the chakras that I connect them to. Songs don’t have to be just one chakra though, so you might find that they connect with something different for you.

Usually yoga dance classes are about an hour in length. This playlist has extra songs so that I can easily adjust a class for the needs of the students.

Please feel free to share your favourite dancing songs in the comments and/or contact form below.  May you find healing, love and joy in the dance of life.

Yoga Dance Playlist

Warm Ups

  1. Om Mane Padme Hum
  2. Gayatri

Chakra 1

  1. Drum Battle
  2. The Player’s Hands
  3. Janjara

Chakra 2

  1. Wade in the Water
  2. Nasty Tasty
  3. Feeling Good
  4. Moon Dance

Chakra 3

  1. Chunky Ficken
  2. Stompa

Chakra 4

  1. Stand
  2. One Tribe
  3. Bonfire Heart

Chakra 5

  1. Chakra Beatbox
  2. Do Your Thing
  3. Car Wash
  4. Bucket

Chakra 6

  1. Will You Be There
  2. Gentle With Myself
  3. Heal this Land
  4. He Ma Durga

Chakra 7

  1. Still
  2. Bija

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