Strength of a Tree

This morning Shawn and I did Wednesday meditation with Chase and the focus was on strength and stability. The object we focused on was a tree, a very large and vibrant tree.

Since the early arrival of winter I have been struggling with the cold and the lack of sunshine. As soon as we began the meditation and started to visualize the tree that we were I had a difficult time feeling like I would need to be outside in the elements of cold. Then I started to wish that it were warm and sunny. This is how I am feeling in this Ontario winter and it is only November.

As we continued with the tree meditation, Chase asked us to mentally repeat the words strong and stable and I started to feel like I could be a tree outside in the warm sunshine, then the rain was good because it was part of what sustained me.

At some point near the end of this meditation I had the sense of warmth, running deep in the core of my tree and connecting to the earth in my vast root system. All of the layers of fibre in the trunk of my tree were insulating, keeping me protected and warm. I realized that seasons and weather are inevitable to a tree. There is no option to run off to a warm and sunny location on the next flight.

I started to feel more at home and at ease in my environment, stronger and more stable in this winter and in life.

Yes all that from just a short 30-minute meditation. All that with a bit of breath, movement and focused visualization and this is why yoga is such a powerful tool for me.