Since I could write, I have loved making lists. I feel so productive when I can draw a line through a to do item. I have even written things down that I have already accomplished, so that I can achieve that satisfaction of checking it off and seeing it as done.

notepad-1312280_640This week I was listening to two entrepreneurs talking about how they keep a list of their accomplishments. It is the opposite of a to do list. Instead of writing down what they need to do, they write down the things that they have accomplished that week.

I like to do something similar when I ring in the New Year with resolutions, so I get the reasoning behind it. For me, when I do my annual list it reminds me how much I have done and experienced that year. It gets me out of the typical self-improvement loop of “I should be a better person” and puts me into a place of gratitude, celebration and self-acceptance.

circle of books on shelfDon’t get me wrong – I love self-improvement. So does a lot of the population, judging by the books that are lining the shelves and reaching the top sellers list. I still set my goals of what I would like to do and how I would like to react to the world around me.

I am starting to look at this with a different perspective lately though. Why are there not more books on acceptance of self? Why are we so fixated on… well…fixing self?

Yoga has helped me to nurture more self-acceptance and let go of the, “you should be this or do this better” voices, allowing me to feel more at home in this body with the mind and spirit that co-exist here.

Dr. Romie offered her thoughts on recognizing a ‘win’ on the Biz Chix podcast Episode #224 (at the 20.04 time mark). She says, “no win is too small or too big”. Natalie, the host of Biz Chix then explained that every week the members of a mastermind group share a goal for the upcoming week and a win from the week previous.

So I would like to try an Opposite of a To Do List experiment. I would be thrilled to have you join me if you feel drawn to it.

Maybe we should call it a Ta Da List?!

The Opposite of a To Do List sticky post it note graphic

Simply write down what you have accomplished in the previous week and what goal you have for the week ahead. You might choose to do it focused on your business, your relationships, your self-care or anything else that is your priority at this time.

For example if you decide to make it about your yoga business you might record things like:

  • Sent out group email with my yoga schedule
  • Created posters for my workshop
  • Got up 30 minutes early to fit in a home yoga practice
  • Confirmed a private class booking
  • Taught my Saturday class with the intention of “balance”

The idea is to write down anything that you have done, no matter how small it may seem. If it relates to what you are focused on then make sure to record it.

When you are having a more challenging day in your business, reflect back on this list. My intention with this is to be more of a cheerleader for myself. Instead of having a constant message of “I should be doing more. I should be more”, I would like to have the message of “Wow look what I can do. I am enough”, playing over and over.

“The key to success is realising that our big goals aren’t going to happen overnight, in the next week or maybe even the next year but this is okay. We tend to focus on the end goals rather than the small and significant steps we take to get us to that goal.” writes Jenny Marchal in an article on Life Hack. Click here to read that full article.

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