Often I refer to The Fuzz Video by Gil Hedley in my yoga classes and Thai Yoga Massage sessions. I share it via email or tell people to search for it when they ask questions about fascia and movement.

If you are wondering why we as human beings need to stretch, move, walk, dance, do yoga, bike and exercise in various ways this will help to clarify and motivate you. We are all building up “the fuzz” every night (or during the day if we are not moving).

photo from Gray's Anatomy of muscle and fascia

photo from Gray’s Anatomy of muscle and fascia

Every time we stretch or move we “melt the fuzz”. See if you notice that feeling. It is the delicious sensation when you stretch after being still. If you feel like your fuzz is getting stuck, even with daily stretching and movement then get help to release it. Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga (especially yin yoga) are both great for “melting” the fuzz.

What is the fuzz?

The fuzz that is referred to in this video is the connective tissue that we have from head to toe in the body. It is the fascia that is between our muscles and organs. It is what holds us together.

Show me the fuzz

If you are sensitive to human cadaver and dissection images, then you may want to only listen to this video. For me I have worked with anatomy of animals in my Veterinary Technician days and the visual of this video was very helpful for me.

If you are interested in more videos by Gil Hedley – check out his website here.