What do all yoga teachers want more of? Time!scheduling classes - calendar

Time for more yoga practice, time to spend on the business side of things and time off for family and friends.

I was listening to teachers this weekend at a workshop and so many of them were wanting to know how to fit in time to create workshops and registered sessions and then advertise them. I get that feeling and so I was looking at a few ways I can save time.

I know that as of this month – I have more private yoga classes and consulting appointments than ever. I have been managing all of this via emails, which requires a lot of back and forth for scheduling classes and consulting times.

scheduling classes - schedulicityToday I was chatting with Maxine, our studio manager at Tone about online scheduling programs. We currently use Schedulicity for scheduling classes and we have been paying $20 USD per month. We were looking at other programs such as Mind Body (with more services offered, but at a higher cost) and at Acuity (at a lower cost and with different services).

I decided to start an online chat with Schedulicity. They are always quick to reply and I am so glad I did.

I simply told them that we were considering a switch due to pricing and we were also wanting to have some other features. They told me that we could be on their free plan (that was just released) and that those features are about to be released.

So the happy news that I wanted to share with all studios and teachers is that now you can have a FREE online scheduling program for unlimited classes and 20 services per month.

I am setting it up for my business (for yoga and consulting), so feel free to ask me any questions or try it out soon.

I was thinking of doing a comparison on all of the programs I know of for scheduling classes online, but with a free one available I don’t think it is necessary, especially for the smaller studios and businesses.