rejuvenating yoga playlistIn a chat with a dear friend this weekend she told me that she was planning a 90-minute yoga class and that she had her theme all mapped out and many ideas to share. The only stress was in creating a yoga playlist.

I told her that after a full week and a long weekend that I would be thrilled to put something together and offer it out to all teachers who are needing a rejuvenating yoga playlist.

These are some of my go-to songs for keeping a flow of breath and movement within the yoga classes that I teach. I also like to have classes in silence. This playlist was created with that in mind. Most of the songs don’t have words or if they do – they are not distracting.

I have created a list of the songs and artists as well as an 8-tracks playlist, so you can listen to the whole thing here.

Enjoy this rejuvenating playlist – I plan to use it in my own home practice this week. Also let me know if you have a favourite yoga song – in the comments below.

Rejuvenating Yoga Playlist: Songs & Artists List

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Rejuvenating Yoga Playlist – Listen Now

Rejuvenating Yoga Playlist – 90 Minute from Shannon Crow on 8tracks Radio.