I was feeling a bit overwhelmed today. I had a busy week of private yoga sessions, which is great. It was just that the paperwork was getting ahead of me. I had a pile of notes, flows and waivers and I was feeling like tracking everything in my mind wasn’t possible.

Who had paid in full? Who did I need to pay for space rental? How many sessions did each person have left?

So I sat down and spent more time than I want to admit on creating a Private Yoga Tracking Form. I will try it out and let you know how it goes and in the meantime I wanted to share a downloadable excel file with you so that you can easily track your private classes.

If you think of some edits for it – let me know.

On the summary sheet, (shown below), is the master tracking form – where you can record the date, students name, location, time and number of classes along with payment information – what was paid to you and what you owe for rental.

Private Yoga Student Form

Then when you click on the student 1-8 or on the tabs at the bottom – it will open up to allow you to record more details on each student such as:

  • Contact information
  • Dates of sessions
  • Homework Sent
  • Checking in reminders
  • Notes

An image of the individual student tabs is shown below.

Happy organizing!

Private Yoga Student Form - Individual Student Page