Om Mani Padme Hum is a mantra that contains all of the teachings of the Buddha. It can be listened to, said aloud or said in your mind. This is an image of the mantra that can be coloured.

Below is a chart from Wikipedia that describes the individual sounds of the mantra and the details associated with each. I like to play the mantra and colour the petals of the lotus.

Click here for a pdf printable version of the colouring page.


Om Mani Padme Hum


Syllable SixPāramitās Purifies Samsaric realm Colours Symbol of the Deity (Wish them) To be born in
Om Generosity Pride / Ego Devas White Wisdom Perfect Realm of Potala
Ma Ethics Jealousy / Lust for entertainment Asuras Green Compassion Perfect Realm of Potala
Ni Patience Passion / desire Humans Yellow Body, speech, mind
quality and activity
Pad Diligence Ignorance / prejudice Animals Blue Equanimity the presence of Protector (Chenrezig)
Me Renunciation Greed / possessiveness Pretas (hungry ghosts) Red Bliss Perfect Realm of Potala
Hum Wisdom Aggression / hatred Naraka Black Quality of Compassion the presence of the Lotus Throne (of Chenrezig)