I wanted to share a meditation app that I love and often use as a yoga teacher and student. It is called Insight Timer. It was designed with meditation in mind, but I find it useful also for restorative/yin postures as well as for my at-home savasana (relaxation or corpse pose).

meditation appWhen I set the timer, I can let go of wondering what time it is or if I might fall asleep or practice so long I am late to work. I can sink in and let the gentle singing bowl sounds bring me back to reality.

This meditation app is free and the reason is best stated on the Insight Timer website. It reads:

If we believe meditation can change the world then providing you with a meaningful daily meditation practice should be a privilege, not a product.

That’s why Insight Timer is free for everyone.

You can use the meditation app to set goals for meditation. It tracks when you meditate and for how long. It also has an amazing variety of sounds that can be programmed for intervals. You can choose different sounds for a starting bell and an ending bell.

meditation-1287207_640This is particularly useful when doing meditations or postures that require you to change what you are doing or move in some way at specific times.

For example one of my favourite meditations is the Kirtan Kriya. It requires the practitioner to use the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma in a variety of ways (speaking, whispering, in silence). I like that I can set the timer instead of watching a clock.

Click here for more information about the Kirtan Kriya meditation.

I also know teachers who set timers within a class so that yin/restorative or other postures are specific times.

What app do you love and use as a yoga teacher? Share in the comments below.

“You should learn to meditate.” These words of encouragement from Swami Rama opened me to a lifelong practice.
—Rolf Sovik