Wow! I believe I just discovered the most amazing email tool.

Before I tell you about it – I first owe some thanks to Brigid Dineen. Last week I had a complimentary “Lighten Your Load” session with her as well as a podcast interview. It was great to get to know her as a yoga teacher and coach. She helped me within the 30 minutes to see what is draining me. If you have 30 minutes – book an appointment with her. It is worth it!

I discovered that the biggest drain for me right now is email.

email - mailboxes

How many of you feel that way? If you you do – this next bit is going to be life altering (it has been for me).

After my talk with Brigid I procrastinated. She sent an email to check in. I told her I was going to tackle my email soon. Then this morning, I was listening to a BizChix podcast (hosted by Natalie Eckdahl) with April Perry and they mentioned the same email tool — and I thought — this is a sign that today is the day!

I sat down to my computer and within 13 minutes I learned that I had 120 subscription emails coming in. I unsubscribed to 48 and then rolled up the other 76, so that they don’t fill my inbox.

Here is the satisfying proof of that time well spent!

cleaning up my email

I am still getting the newsletters I love to read – with all the amazing content that I love, but it isn’t sitting next to my urgent emails now. I get a report sent to me, summarizing it all.

So now I have set another email cleaning up goal – thanks to a step by step article by April Perry. It is outlined in her “Emails to Zero on Your Lunch Break–Five Easy Steps to Make it Happen” article. It is also outlined in the podcast that I linked to above, so you choose if you want to read more or listen more.

My goal is to have my email to zero by the end of this week. Want to join me? Tell me about your favourite email cleaning tools in the comments below.